PianoDisc maintains for use on its systems a growing library of music available as digital downloads, floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, and high-definition Blu-ray discs. The library includes solo piano performances by famous artists, piano with orchestral accompaniment (some "live"), and vocals. PianoDisc systems also play any standard MIDI file (type 0), and some discs of other producers.

MusiConnect is a free PianoDisc application for Windows or Macintosh computers that allows consumers to download music purchased from PianoDisc's online music store. With MusiConnect, consumers can import PianoDisc album files or download purchases directly to their computer. MusiConnect also allows customers to load solo-piano or piano-with-orchestral-accompaniment MIDI files into iTunes. Once all the music is downloaded, MusiConnect gives the option of syncing a PianoDisc album or playlist with iTunes. This process creates a matching playlist in iTunes, imports each PianoDisc song, and includes album, artist, and genre information (when available). From there, the music can be loaded into an iPod, or burned to CD.

PianoSync is a MIDI-controlled piano performance that synchronizes with a commercially available audio CD of a major recording artist. PianoSyncs are purchased as downloads or on CD from PianoDisc's website and stored using MusiConnect. The consumer also purchases the original artist's CD and loads it into iTunes, where the two are merged. The consumer plays the merged file on their piano and hears the original CD along with its new, live piano accompaniment.

PianoVideo HD, the first high-definition video created specifically for modern player-piano systems, combines MIDI, audio, and video. PianoVideo HD technology gives PianoDisc owners the ultimate entertainment experience: as they watch a high-definition video, their piano will play along with it live, in sync with the pianist on the screen. PianoVideo HD performances come on standard-definition DVD or Blu-ray discs.

Sync-a-VisionPianoDisc also offers a stable of complementary products such as Sync-A-Vision, which brings the element of HD video to the PianoDisc experience. Sync-A-Vision consists of a 19" high-definition monitor built into a piano music rack, is powered by Apple's Mac mini computer, and comes with pre-loaded educational and entertainment programs. Included are 72 piano lessons, sing-and-play-along karaoke, cartoon and silent-film entertainment, PianoDisc music, and PianoVideo HD performances.

iQ Multi-media is a slimline unit that allows you to play MIDI, DVD, CD, MP3, and other file formats from its built-in disc drives, USB port, and SD card slot. With iQ DVD you can play music from PianoDisc's vast music library, play PianoVideos, and connect to PianoDisc's MusiConnect software application.

QuietTime MagicStar can mute an acoustic piano and let the user hear his or her performance through headphones via sampled sound. MagicStar has a control unit with 128 sampled instruments--a full General MIDI (GM) sound set. It also includes a built-in, adjustable metronome. A MIDI key sensor strip is installed under the keys, and a padded mute rail prevents the hammers from hitting the strings while retaining the motion and feel of the piano action. The mute rail is activated by moving a small lever under the keyboard, which also turns on the sampled sound. MagicStar comes with a control unit, power supply, MIDI cable, MIDI strip, pedal switches, headphones, and mute rail. An entry-level version, QuietTime GT-2, comes with just piano and organ sounds instead of the full GM sound set.


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