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Spring 2017 Edition

Digital Piano: Brand & Company Profiles


Physis Piano
11 Holt Drive
Stony Point, New York 10980
[email protected]

Physis prices

Physis is a division of Viscount International, an Italian company that also makes Galileo digital pianos, among other brands. It has factories and research facilities in San Marino and Italy.

Physis uses physical modeling as the sound source for its instruments. Instead of recorded samples, physical modeling uses advanced mathematical algorithms to reproduce the physical properties of sound, and requires immense computational power that, until recently, was not technologically available. Two international patents have been granted for the Physis technology.

The Physis physical model combines more than 100 elements of the traditional acoustic grand piano sound; e.g., hammer density, string resonance, soundboard size, damper noise, duplex vibration, etc. One of the key advantages of physical modeling is that these elements can be modified by users to create their own unique sounds, and the resulting models can be shared with others, allowing for their continuing evolution. Other advantages include unlimited polyphony, unlimited pedal resolution, and the greater expressiveness that results from the real-time interaction of the physical elements.

Some Physis models have wooden keys with ivory-like keytops and triple sensors, for better expression and a more natural, realistic feel. The H- and V-series pianos have a customizable, multitouch, glass-panel interface that gives the user control of all items on the panel, including display colors. These models also have USB thumb-drive connections for audio and data storage and playback. The Pro and Stage versions are ergonomically designed for portability, and allow maximum flexibility of inputs and outputs.

Physis pianos are sold through a network of professional music retailers.