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Spring 2017 Edition

Digital Piano: Brand & Company Profiles


Kawai America Corporation
2055 East University Drive
Rancho Dominguez, California 90220
[email protected]

Kawai prices

For company background, see the Kawai listing in the “Brand and Company Profiles” for acoustic pianos.

After more than 50 years as a renowned builder of acoustic pianos, in 1985 Kawai entered the market with its first digital piano. Today, Kawai’s digital lineup for North America comprises models in four main groups: Concert Performer (CP), Concert Artist (CA), Classic Series (CS), and CN Series. Other digital models include the CL26, KDP90, KCP90 and CE220. Portable digitals include the ES100 and ES8, and professional models include the MP Series stage pianos and the VPC1 virtual piano controller.

Kawai created the first digital piano to use a transducer-driven soundboard for a more natural piano sound, a feature available in the flagship CA97 and the CS11. Many models offer USB digital audio recording and playback. And if you want a huge library of voices, the models at the upper end of the CP series come with over 1,000 sounds.

Several different types of actions appear in Kawai’s digital pianos. Kawai is well-known for its wooden-key digital piano actions, with current versions being the Grand Feel (GF), GFII, RM3II, and AWA PROII. These actions can be found in upper-end models. The Responsive Hammer II (RHII), RHIII, and AHA-IV actions use an industry-standard graded hammer design with plastic keys, and are found in lower-cost and portable models.

Kawai’s main lines of digital pianos are sold through a network of authorized local dealers, with certain models also available from Kawai’s online store. Professional products and certain other digitals are sold through a combination of authorized online and bricks-and-mortar retailers.