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Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

The Definitive Piano Buying Guide for

Buying New, Used, and Restored Acoustic Pianos and Digital Pianos

Spring 2017 Edition


ModelFeetInchesDescriptionMSRP* SMP*
Prices include bench. Euro = $1.10
122 T48Satin and Polished Ebony44,10442,854
122 T48Satin and Polished White44,83943,589
122 T48Polished Ebony w/Twist & Change Panels49,54348,293
122 T48Satin Ordinary Veneers53,49152,241
122 T48Polished Ordinary Veneers58,69957,449
122 T48Satin Special Veneers55,29754,047
122 T48Polished Special Veneers60,48459,234
122 T48Satin Extraordinary Veneers66,86865,618
122 T48Polished Extraordinary Veneers72,07670,826
122 T-SFM48Satin and Polished Ebony46,54045,290
122 T-SFM48Satin and Polished White47,25446,004
122 T-SFM48Polished Ebony w/Twist & Change Panels52,00050,750
122 T-SFM48Satin Ordinary Veneers55,94854,698
122 T-SFM48Polished Ordinary Veneers61,11459,864
122 T-SFM48Satin Special Veneers57,73356,483
122 T-SFM48Polished Special Veneers62,92061,670
122 T-SFM48Satin Extraordinary Veneers69,32568,075
122 T-SFM48Polished Extraordinary Veneers74,49173,241
130 T-PS51Satin and Polished Ebony55,86454,614
130 T-PS51Satin and Polished White56,68355,433
130 T-PS51Polished Ebony w/Twist & Change Panels61,30360,053
130 T-PS51Satin Ordinary Veneers65,25164,001
130 T-PS51Polished Ordinary Veneers70,43869,188
130 T-PS51Satin Special Veneers67,03665,786
130 T-PS51Polished Special Veneers72,20270,952
130 T-PS51Satin Extraordinary Veneers78,62877,378
130 T-PS51Polished Extraordinary Veneers83,81582,565
130 T-SFM51Satin and Polished Ebony56,91455,664
130 T-SFM51Satin and Polished White57,75456,504
130 T-SFM51Polished Ebony w/Twist & Change Panels62,37461,124
130 T-SFM51Satin Ordinary Veneers66,32265,072
130 T-SFM51Polished Ordinary Veneers71,50970,259
130 T-SFM51Satin Special Veneers68,10766,857
130 T-SFM51Polished Special Veneers73,27372,023
130 T-SFM51Satin Extraordinary Veneers79,69978,449
130 T-SFM51Polished Extraordinary Veneers84,86583,615
138 K54Satin and Polished Ebony59,16157,911
138 K54Satin and Polished White59,91758,667
138 K54Polished Ebony w/Twist & Change Panels64,60063,350
138 K54Satin Ordinary Veneers68,56967,319
138 K54Polished Ordinary Veneers73,73572,485
138 K54Satin Special Veneers70,33369,083
138 K54Polished Special Veneers75,54174,291
138 K54Satin Extraordinary Veneers81,90480,654
138 K54Polished Extraordinary Veneers87,11285,862
138 K-SFM54Satin and Polished Ebony61,59760,347
138 K-SFM54Satin and Polished White62,37461,124
138 K-SFM54Polished Ebony w/Twist & Change Panels67,05765,807
138 K-SFM54Satin Ordinary Veneers71,00569,755
138 K-SFM54Polished Ordinary Veneers76,19274,942
138 K-SFM54Satin Special Veneers72,79071,540
138 K-SFM54Polished Special Veneers77,95676,706
138 K-SFM54Satin Extraordinary Veneers84,38283,132
138 K-SFM54Polished Extraordinary Veneers89,54888,298
A-170 N57Satin and Polished Ebony102,014100,764
A-170 N57Satin and Polished White103,904102,654
A-170 N57Satin and Polished Ordinary Veneers115,937114,687
A-170 N57Satin and Polished Special Veneers117,470116,220
A-170 N57Satin and Polished Extraordinary Veneers125,534124,284
A-170 S57Studio Lacquer Anti-Scratch99,26398,013
B-192 N63Satin and Polished Ebony117,953116,703
B-192 N63Satin and Polished White120,179118,929
B-192 N63Satin and Polished Ordinary Veneers133,283132,033
B-192 N63Satin and Polished Special Veneers134,984133,734
B-192 N63Satin and Polished Extraordinary Veneers144,035142,785
B-192 S63Studio Lacquer Anti-Scratch115,097113,847
C-212 N7Satin and Polished Ebony134,291133,041
C-212 N7Satin and Polished White136,811135,561
C-212 N7Satin and Polished Ordinary Veneers150,692149,442
C-212 N7Satin and Polished Special Veneers152,582151,332
C-212 N7Satin and Polished Extraordinary Veneers162,578161,328
C-212 S7Studio Lacquer Anti-Scratch131,015129,765
D-232 N77Satin and Polished Ebony162,591161,341
D-232 N77Satin and Polished White164,922163,672
D-232 N77Satin and Polished Ordinary Veneers180,756179,506
D-232 N77Satin and Polished Special Veneers182,772181,522
D-232 N77Satin and Polished Extraordinary Veneers193,776192,526
D-232 S77Studio Lacquer Anti-Scratch159,147157,897
E-272811Satin and Polished Ebony233,382232,132
E-272811Satin and Polished White234,054232,804
E-272811Satin and Polished Ordinary Veneers255,180253,930
E-272811Satin and Polished Special Veneers256,902255,652
E-272811Satin and Polished Extraordinary Veneers271,119269,869