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Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

The Definitive Piano Buying Guide for

Buying New, Used, and Restored Acoustic Pianos and Digital Pianos

Spring 2017 Edition


ModelFeetInchesDescriptionMSRP* SMP*
Seiler Verticals
SE-11645Primus, Polished Ebony28,895 22,398
SE-11645Mondial, Polished Ebony30,495 23,598
SE-11645Mondial, Polished Rosewood41,295 31,598
SE-11645Konsole, Polished Ebony34,595 26,598
SE-11645Impuls, Polished Ebony30,495 23,598
SE-11645Clou, Polished Ebony35,895 27,598
SE-11645Accent, Polished Ebony35,895 27,598
SE-12248Primus, Polished Ebony38,595 29,598
SE-12649Konsole, Polished Ebony42,695 32,598
SE-12649Konsole, Satin Walnut43,995 33,598
SE-12649Attraction, Polished Ebony45,695 34,798
SE-13252Consert, Polished Ebony52,395 39,798
SE-13252Consert, Polished Ebony w/SMR52,495 40,398
SE-13252Consert, Polished Ebony w/Rec Panel54,995 41,798
SE-13252Consert, Polished Ebony w/Rec Panel/SMR55,795 42,398
Eduard Seiler ED Series Verticals
ED-12649Primus Satin Ebony10,995 9,198
ED-12649Primus Polished Ebony10,495 8,798
ED-13252Konzert Satin Ebony15,795 9,598
ED-13252Konzert Polished Ebony14,995 9,198
VerticalsOther wood finishes, add1,500
Johannes Seiler Verticals
GS-116N45.5Satin Ebony w/Nickel Hardware8,395 7,198
GS-116N45.5Polished Ebony w/Nickel Hardware7,895 6,798
GS-24746.5Satin Ebony8,895 7,598
GS-24746.5Polished Ebony8,395 7,198
GS-24746.5Satin Walnut8,895 7,598
GS-11847Satin Ebony8,695 7,398
GS-11847Polished Ebony8,095 6,998
GS-12147.5Ditto, Polished Ebony w/Silver accent9,695 8,198
GS-12248.5Satin Ebony9,195 7,798
GS-12248.5Polished Ebony8,995 7,398
VerticalsOther wood finishes, add1,500
Seiler Grands
SE-16856Virtuoso, Polished Ebony96,395 72,398
SE-16856Virtuoso, Polished Mahogany115,795 86,798
SE-18662Maestro, Polished Ebony113,195 84,798
SE-18662Maestro, Polished Mahogany121,295 90,798
SE-18662Maestro, Polished Rosewood129,595 96,998
SE-18662Ziricote, Polished Ebony122,595 91,798
SE-18662Louvre, Polished Cherry152,895 114,198
SE-18662Florenz, Polished Mahogany152,895 114,198
SE-208610Professional, Polished Ebony126,895 94,998
SE-2428Konzert, Polished Ebony167,895 125,398
SE-27892Konzert, Polished Ebony272,695 202,998
Eduard Seiler ED Series Grands
ED-16856Virtuoso Satin Ebony34,795 23,598
ED-16856Virtuoso Polished Ebony33,995 23,198
ED-168HS56Heritage, Satin Ebony37,795 28,998
ED-168HS56Heritage, Polished Ebony36,995 28,398
ED-18662Maestro Satin Ebony40,395 28,598
ED-18662Maestro Polished Ebony38,995 27,598
ED-186A62Custom, Polished Ebony68,895 51,998
GrandsOther wood finishes, add2,000
Johannes Seiler Grands
GS-16053Satin Ebony20,995 16,598
GS-16053Polished Ebony19,995 15,798
GS-160LN53Satin Ebony (M Leg Style)23,795 18,598
GS-160LN53Polished Ebony (M Leg Style)22,695 17,798
GS-17559Satin Ebony22,995 17,998
GS-17559Polished Ebony21,895 17,198
GS-18662Satin Ebony24,595 19,198
GS-18662Polished Ebony23,795 18,598
GrandsOther wood finishes, add2,000