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Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

The Definitive Piano Buying Guide for

Buying New, Used, and Restored Acoustic Pianos and Digital Pianos

Spring 2017 Edition


Classic Series Verticals
C 11646Tradition Polished Ebony24,30820,446
C 11646Tradition Polished Mahogany/White27,39822,918
C 11646Tradition Satin Walnut/Cherry/Beech/Alder27,39822,918
C 11646Modern Cubus Polished Ebony28,17123,537
C 11646Modern Cubus Polished White31,26126,009
C 12048Tradition Polished Ebony26,36822,094
C 12048Tradition Polished Mahogany/White29,45824,566
C 12048Tradition Satin Walnut/Cherry/Beech/Alder29,45824,566
C 12048Tradition Marketerie Polished Mahogany w/Inlay31,51826,214
C 12048Elegance Manhattan Polished Ebony25,46721,374
C 12048Elegance Manhattan Polished Mahogany/White28,55723,846
C 12048Modern Polished Ebony30,74625,597
C 12048Modern Polished White33,83628,069
C 12048NWS Edition 8032,41926,935
C 12048Royal Polished Ebony28,94324,154
C 12048Royal Polished Mahogany/White32,03326,626
C 12048Royal Intarsie Flora Polished Mahogany w/Inlays34,09328,274
C 12650Tradition Polished Ebony32,03326,626
C 12650Tradition Polished Mahogany/White35,12329,098
C 13051Tradition Polished Ebony34,60828,686
C 13051Tradition Polished Mahogany/White37,69831,158
Konzert Series Verticals
K 12248Tradition Polished Ebony35,51029,408
K 12248Tradition Polished Mahogany/White39,63032,704
K 12248Elegance Polished Ebony35,51029,408
K 12248Elegance Polished White39,63032,704
K 12549Tradition Polished Ebony38,08531,468
K 12549Tradition Polished Mahogany/White42,20534,764
K 13252Tradition Polished Ebony43,49335,794
K 13252Tradition Polished Mahogany/White47,61339,090
Fridolin Schimmel Verticals
F 11646Polished Ebony6,8976,897
F 11646Polished White7,2277,227
F 12148Polished Ebony7,8877,887
F 12148Polished Mahogany/Walnut/White8,2178,217
F 12349Polished Ebony8,8778,877
F 12349Polished Mahogany/Walnut/White9,2079,207
Wilhelm Schimmel Verticals
W 11446Modern Swing Polished Ebony15,68213,180
W 11446Modern Swing Polished White18,25715,180
W 11446Tradition Polished Ebony16,71213,980
W 11446Tradition Polished Mahogany/White19,28715,980
W 11848Tradition Polished Ebony18,25715,180
W 11848Tradition Polished Mahogany/White20,83217,180
W 12349Tradition Polished Ebony19,80216,380
W 12349Tradition Polished Mahogany/White22,37718,380
Classic Series Grands
C 16957Tradition Polished Ebony66,28054,024
C 16957Tradition Polished Mahogany/White72,71859,174
C 16957NWS Edition 8073,23359,586
C 18963Tradition Polished Ebony70,14357,114
C 18963Tradition Polished Mahogany/White76,58062,264
C 18963NWS Edition 8077,09562,676
C 2137Tradition Polished Ebony76,58062,264
C 2137Tradition Polished Mahogany/White83,01867,414
C 2137NWS Edition 8083,53367,826
Konzert Series Grands
K 17559Tradition Polished Ebony84,75068,800
K 17559Tradition Polished Mahogany/White92,25074,800
K 19565Tradition Polished Ebony92,25074,800
K 19565Tradition Polished Mahogany/White99,75080,800
K 2137Glas Clear Acrylic and White or Black and Gold312,500251,000
K 2137Otmar Alt Polished Ebony w/Color Motifs225,000181,000
K 21972Tradition Polished Ebony99,75080,800
K 21972Tradition Polished Mahogany/White107,25086,800
K 23077Tradition Polished Ebony114,75092,800
K 25684Tradition Polished Ebony129,750104,800
K 28092Tradition Polished Ebony149,750120,800
Wilhelm Schimmel Grands
W 1806Tradition Polished Ebony40,40232,380
W 1806Tradition Polished Mahogany/White45,55236,380
W 206610Tradition Polished Ebony49,41439,380
W 206610Tradition Polished Mahogany/White54,56443,380