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Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

The Definitive Piano Buying Guide for

Buying New, Used, and Restored Acoustic Pianos and Digital Pianos

Spring 2017 Edition


ModelFeetInchesDescriptionMSRP* SMP*
Standard wood veneers are walnut, mahogany, ash, and alder.
11946Peter Maly Concent Satin Ebony31,65431,654
11946Peter Maly Concent Polished Ebony33,86033,860
12248Ragazza Polished Ebony36,68036,680
12248Ragazza Satin Cherry36,32036,320
12248Ragazza Polished Cherry/Yew42,87042,870
12248Vista Polished Ebony40,07040,070
12248Vista Satin Maple38,25038,250
12248Vista Satin Cherry39,88039,880
12248Master Class Polished Ebony46,94046,940
12248Peter Maly Artes Polished Ebony52,20052,200
12248Peter Maly Artes Polished Palisander/Macassar53,20053,200
12248Peter Maly Artes Polished White53,20053,200
12248Peter Maly Pure Noble Polished Ebony/Veneers48,87048,870
12248Peter Maly Pure Noble Polished White/Red50,20450,204
12248Peter Maly Pure Basic Satin Ebony/Walnut39,82039,820
12248Peter Maly Pure Basic Satin White39,82039,820
12248Peter Maly Pure Basic Satin White/Maple39,82039,820
12248Peter Maly Rondo Polished Ebony43,59043,590
12248Peter Maly Rondo Satin Wenge40,33040,330
12248Peter Maly Vitrea Colored Ebony with Glass40,86040,860
12248Schulpiano Satin Beech/Black Ash32,12032,120
13051Master Class Polished Ebony53,06653,066
13051Competence Polished Ebony45,35045,350
13051Competence Satin Walnut43,10043,100
13051Sonder Polished Ebony w/Sostenuto39,58039,580
13051Sonder Polished Ebony w/o Sostenuto36,06436,064
16053Alpha Polished Ebony95,22095,220
16053Alpha Satin Standard Wood Veneers87,98087,980
16053Chippendale Satin Cherry98,70098,700
16053Chippendale Satin Standard Wood Veneers95,10095,100
16053Noblesse Satin Cherry105,840105,840
16053Noblesse Polished Cherry114,200114,200
16053Noblesse Satin Burl Walnut110,518110,518
16053Noblesse Satin Standard Wood Veneers105,834105,834
16053Noblesse Polished Standard Wood Veneers113,740113,740
18561Delta Polished Ebony105,960105,960
18561Delta Polished Ebony w/Burl Walnut108,600108,600
18561Delta Polished Pyramid Mahogany116,920116,920
18561Delta Polished Bubinga116,040116,040
18561Delta Polished Rio Palisander116,920116,920
18561Delta Satin Maple with Silver99,70099,700
18561Delta Polished White109,240109,240
18561Delta Satin Standard Wood Veneers97,50097,500
18561Chippendale Satin Cherry108,300108,300
18561Chippendale Satin Standard Wood Veneers104,640104,640
18561Noblesse Satin Cherry115,720115,720
18561Noblesse Polished Cherry128,760128,760
18561Noblesse Satin Burl Walnut120,560120,560
18561Noblesse Satin Standard Wood Veneers112,200112,200
18561Noblesse Polished Standard Wood Veneers125,660125,660
210611Peter Maly Vivace Polished Ebony146,920146,920
210611Peter Maly Vivace Satin Wood Veneers137,210137,210
210611Peter Maly Vivace Polished White149,100149,100
22073Omega Polished Ebony133,440133,440
22073Omega Polished Burl Walnut148,640148,640
22073Omega Polished Pyramid Mahogany147,300147,300
22073Omega Satin Standard Wood Veneers128,100128,100
23077Peter Maly Ambiente Polished Ebony168,700168,700
23077Peter Maly Ambiente Polished Ebony w/Crystals192,840192,840
2759Concert Polished Ebony228,320228,320