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Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

The Definitive Piano Buying Guide for

Buying New, Used, and Restored Acoustic Pianos and Digital Pianos

Spring 2017 Edition


Baltimore Series Verticals
WV 4343Continental Polished Ebony5,6955,198
WV 243F43French Provincial Satin Cherry6,1955,598
WV 243T43Satin Mahogany/Walnut6,1955,598
WV 11545Satin Ebony6,7955,998
WV 11545Polished Ebony6,1955,598
WV 118H46.5Satin Ebony7,2956,398
WV 118H46.5Polished Ebony6,7955,998
VerticalsOther finishes, add1,500
Academy Series Verticals
WMV 24545Satin Ebony6,7955,998
WMV 24545Polished Ebony6,4955,798
WMV 24746.5Satin Ebony7,7956,798
WMV 24746.5Polished Ebony7,5956,598
WMV 24746.5Satin Walnut8,0956,998
WMV 647F46.5French Provincial Satin Cherry7,6956,598
WMV 647R46.5Renaissance Satin Walnut7,6956,598
WMV 647T46.5Satin Mahogany7,6956,598
WMV 121M47.5Satin Ebony7,8956,798
WMV 121M47.5Polished Ebony7,5956,598
WMV 13252Satin Ebony9,7958,198
WMV 13252Polished Ebony9,1957,798
VerticalsOther finishes, add1,500
Concert Artist Series Verticals
WKV 118F46.5French Provincial Lacquer Semigloss Cherry10,4958,798
WKV 118R46.5Renaissance Lacquer Satin Ebony10,4958,798
WKV 118R46.5Renaissance Lacquer Semigloss Walnut10,4958,798
WKV 118T46.5Lacquer Semigloss Mahogany10,4958,798
WKV 12148Satin Ebony11,0959,198
WKV 12148Polished Ebony10,4958,798
WKV 132MD52Satin Ebony12,1959,998
WKV 132MD52Polished Ebony11,0959,198
VerticalsOther finishes, add1,500
Baltimore Series Grands
WG 505Satin Ebony14,59511,798
WG 505Polished Ebony13,79511,198
WG 5454Satin Ebony15,99512,798
WG 5454Polished Ebony14,59511,798
WG 5454Polished Ebony w/Bubinga or Pommele Accents18,19514,598
WG 5454Polished Fire Red19,29515,398
WSG 5454M Leg w/Bubinga or Pommele Accents20,69516,398
WG 5959Satin Ebony18,99514,998
WG 5959Polished Ebony17,89514,198
WG 6161Satin Ebony19,89515,598
WG 6161Polished Ebony18,79514,998
GrandsOther finishes, add2,000
Academy Series Grands
WMG 61059Satin Ebony21,39516,798
WMG 61059Polished Ebony20,29515,998
WMG 66061Satin Ebony23,79518,598
WMG 66061Polished Ebony22,69517,798
WFM 700T610Satin Ebony28,09521,798
WFM 700T610Polished Ebony26,49520,598
GrandsOther finishes, add2,000
Concert Artist Series Grands
WKG 5353Satin Ebony25,39519,798
WKG 5353Polished Ebony24,59519,198
WKG 5858Satin Ebony31,09523,998
WKG 5858Polished Ebony30,29523,398
WKG 707Satin Ebony42,69532,598
WKG 707Polished Ebony41,89531,998
WKG 7676Satin Ebony44,79534,198
WKG 7676Polished Ebony43,49533,198
WKG 9092Satin Ebony111,79583,798
WKG 9092Polished Ebony108,79581,598
GrandsOther finishes, add2,000