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Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

The Definitive Piano Buying Guide for

Buying New, Used, and Restored Acoustic Pianos and Digital Pianos

Fall 2016 Edition


ModelFeetInchesDescriptionMSRP* SMP*
Prices do not include bench.
H 11545Polished Ebony21,91120,919
H 11545Satin Mahogany/Walnut22,36021,327
H 11545Polished Cherry37,64935,226
H 11545Satin Oak/Beech23,25822,144
H 11545Polished White22,80921,735
H 11545Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay37,64935,226
H 11545Polished Cherry and Yew37,64935,226
H 11847Polished Ebony24,15622,960
H 11847Satin Mahogany/Walnut25,27923,981
H 11847Polished Mahogany/Walnut29,32027,655
H 11847Satin Cherry25,72824,389
H 11847Polished Cherry29,76928,063
H 11847Satin Oak/Beech23,97722,797
H 11847Polished White26,40125,001
H 11847Polished Bubinga29,99328,266
H 11847Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay27,07525,614
H 11847Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay30,66728,879
H 11847Polished Burl Walnut30,44228,675
H 11847Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay27,07525,614
H 11847Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay30,66728,879
H 11847Satin Cherry and Yew27,16525,695
H 11847Polished Cherry and Yew30,66728,879
H 12449Polished Ebony26,40125,001
H 12449Satin Mahogany/Walnut27,38925,899
H 12449Polished Mahogany/Walnut31,56529,695
H 12449Satin Cherry27,52426,022
H 12449Polished Cherry32,01430,104
H 12449Satin Oak/Beech27,29925,817
H 12449Polished White28,64627,042
H 12449Polished Bubinga32,23830,307
H 12449Polished Pyramid Mahogany35,69633,451
H 12449Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay28,87127,246
H 12449Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay34,03431,940
H 12449Polished Burl Walnut35,24733,043
H 12449Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay28,87127,246
H 12449Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay34,03431,940
H 12449Satin Cherry and Yew28,87127,246
H 12449Polished Cherry and Yew35,24733,043
K 12449Polished Ebony28,55726,961
K 12449Satin Mahogany/Walnut29,54427,858
K 12449Polished Mahogany/Walnut33,72031,655
K 12449Satin Cherry29,67927,981
K 12449Polished Cherry34,16932,063
K 12449Satin Oak/Beech29,45527,777
K 12449Polished White30,80229,002
K 12449Polished Bubinga34,39432,267
K 12449Polished Pyramid Mahogany37,85135,410
K 12449Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay31,02629,205
K 12449Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay36,19033,900
K 12449Polished Burl Walnut37,40235,002
K 12449Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay31,02629,205
K 12449Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay36,19033,900
K 12449Satin Cherry and Yew31,02629,205
K 12449Polished Cherry and Yew37,40235,002
H 13252Polished Ebony29,54427,858
H 13252Satin Mahogany/Walnut29,99328,266
H 13252Polished Mahogany/Walnut34,48332,348
H 13252Satin Cherry31,34029,491
H 13252Polished Cherry34,93232,756
H 13252Polished White31,78929,899
H 13252Polished Bubinga35,38133,165
H 13252Palisander Rosewood37,40235,002
H 13252Polished Pyramid Mahogany38,30035,818
H 13252Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay32,91230,920
H 13252Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay37,40235,002
H 13252Polished Burl Walnut37,40235,002
H 13252Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay32,91230,920
H 13252Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay37,40235,002
H 13252Satin Cherry and Yew32,91230,920
H 13252Polished Cherry and Yew37,40235,002
K 13252Polished Ebony32,55330,594
K 13252Satin Mahogany/Walnut33,00231,002
K 13252Polished Mahogany/Walnut37,49235,084
K 13252Satin Cherry34,34932,226
K 13252Polished Cherry37,94135,492
K 13252Polished White34,79832,635
K 13252Polished Bubinga38,39035,900
K 13252Palisander Rosewood40,41037,736
K 13252Polished Pyramid Mahogany41,30838,553
K 13252Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay35,92033,655
K 13252Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay40,41037,736
K 13252Polished Burl Walnut40,41037,736
K 13252Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay35,92033,655
K 13252Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay40,41037,736
K 13252Satin Cherry and Yew35,92033,655
K 13252Polished Cherry and Yew40,41037,736
H 17558Polished Ebony75,96070,055
H 17558Satin Mahogany/Walnut81,65775,234
H 17558Polished Mahogany/Walnut89,33082,209
H 17558Satin Cherry80,97474,613
H 17558Polished Cherry91,42084,109
H 17558Polished White81,27774,888
H 17558Polished Bubinga93,09185,628
H 17558Palisander Rosewood97,68789,806
H 17558Polished Pyramid Mahogany102,28393,985
H 17558Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay111,893102,721
H 17558Polished Burl Walnut99,77691,705
H 17558Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay111,893102,721
H 17558Satin Cherry and Yew106,04397,403
H 17558Polished Cherry and Yew111,893102,721
H 17558Classic Alexandra Polished Ebony91,00283,729
H 17558Classic Alexandra Polished Walnut104,37295,884
H 17558Classic Alexandra Burl Walnut114,818105,380
H 17558Classic Alexandra Palisander112,729103,481
H 17558Louis XIV Satin White w/Gold146,238133,944
H 17558Satin and Polished Louis XV Mahogany111,893102,721
H 17558Ambassador Palisander137,881126,346
H 17558Ambassador Walnut133,703122,548
H 18661Polished Ebony80,55674,233
H 18661Satin Mahogany/Walnut86,59879,725
H 18661Polished Mahogany/Walnut93,92786,388
H 18661Satin Cherry85,57078,791
H 18661Polished Cherry96,01688,287
H 18661Polished White86,19579,359
H 18661Polished Bubinga100,19492,085
H 18661Palisander Rosewood102,28393,985
H 18661Polished Pyramid Mahogany108,55099,682
H 18661Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay116,489106,899
H 18661Polished Burl Walnut104,37295,884
H 18661Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay116,489106,899
H 18661Satin Cherry and Yew101,44793,225
H 18661Polished Cherry and Yew116,489106,899
H 18661Classic Alexandra Polished Ebony95,59887,907
H 18661Classic Alexandra Polished Walnut108,968100,062
H 18661Classic Alexandra Burl Walnut119,414109,558
H 18661Classic Alexandra Palisander117,325107,659
H 18661Louis XIV Satin White w/Gold150,416137,742
H 18661Satin and Polished Louis XV Mahogany116,489106,899
H 18661Ambassador Palisander150,416137,742
H 18661Ambassador Walnut146,238133,944
H 210610Polished Ebony93,80186,274
H 210610Satin Mahogany/Walnut100,83692,669
H 210610Polished Mahogany/Walnut110,974101,885
H 210610Satin Cherry101,94993,681
H 210610Polished Cherry112,729103,481
H 210610Polished White100,36792,243
H 210610Polished Bubinga114,400105,000
H 210610Palisander Rosewood123,174112,976
H 210610Polished Pyramid Mahogany129,441118,674
H 210610Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay137,798126,271
H 210610Polished Burl Walnut121,085111,077
H 210610Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay137,798126,271
H 210610Satin Cherry and Yew121,169111,154
H 210610Polished Cherry and Yew137,798126,271
H 210610Classic Alexandra Polished Ebony108,84399,948
H 210610Classic Alexandra Polished Walnut126,015115,559
H 210610Classic Alexandra Burl Walnut136,127124,752
H 210610Classic Alexandra Palisander138,216126,651
H 210610Louis XIV Satin White w/Gold183,842168,129
H 210610Satin and Polished Louis XV Mahogany129,734118,940
H 210610Ambassador Palisander162,951149,137
H 210610Ambassador Walnut158,773145,339