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Acoustic Piano: Model & Pricing Guide

See the Introduction for an explanation of pricing.

The Definitive Piano Buying Guide for

Buying New, Used, and Restored Acoustic Pianos and Digital Pianos

Spring 2017 Edition


Prices do not include bench.
H 11545Polished Ebony21,91120,919
H 11545Satin Mahogany/Walnut22,36021,327
H 11545Polished Cherry37,64935,226
H 11545Satin Oak/Beech23,25822,144
H 11545Polished White22,80921,735
H 11545Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay37,64935,226
H 11545Polished Cherry and Yew37,64935,226
H 11847Polished Ebony24,15622,960
H 11847Satin Mahogany/Walnut25,27923,981
H 11847Polished Mahogany/Walnut29,32027,655
H 11847Satin Cherry25,72824,389
H 11847Polished Cherry29,76928,063
H 11847Satin Oak/Beech23,97722,797
H 11847Polished White26,40125,001
H 11847Polished Bubinga29,99328,266
H 11847Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay27,07525,614
H 11847Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay30,66728,879
H 11847Polished Burl Walnut30,44228,675
H 11847Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay27,07525,614
H 11847Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay30,66728,879
H 11847Satin Cherry and Yew27,16525,695
H 11847Polished Cherry and Yew30,66728,879
H 12449Polished Ebony26,40125,001
H 12449Satin Mahogany/Walnut27,38925,899
H 12449Polished Mahogany/Walnut31,56529,695
H 12449Satin Cherry27,52426,022
H 12449Polished Cherry32,01430,104
H 12449Satin Oak/Beech27,29925,817
H 12449Polished White28,64627,042
H 12449Polished Bubinga32,23830,307
H 12449Polished Pyramid Mahogany35,69633,451
H 12449Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay28,87127,246
H 12449Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay34,03431,940
H 12449Polished Burl Walnut35,24733,043
H 12449Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay28,87127,246
H 12449Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay34,03431,940
H 12449Satin Cherry and Yew28,87127,246
H 12449Polished Cherry and Yew35,24733,043
K 12449Polished Ebony28,55726,961
K 12449Satin Mahogany/Walnut29,54427,858
K 12449Polished Mahogany/Walnut33,72031,655
K 12449Satin Cherry29,67927,981
K 12449Polished Cherry34,16932,063
K 12449Satin Oak/Beech29,45527,777
K 12449Polished White30,80229,002
K 12449Polished Bubinga34,39432,267
K 12449Polished Pyramid Mahogany37,85135,410
K 12449Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay31,02629,205
K 12449Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay36,19033,900
K 12449Polished Burl Walnut37,40235,002
K 12449Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay31,02629,205
K 12449Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay36,19033,900
K 12449Satin Cherry and Yew31,02629,205
K 12449Polished Cherry and Yew37,40235,002
H 13252Polished Ebony29,54427,858
H 13252Satin Mahogany/Walnut29,99328,266
H 13252Polished Mahogany/Walnut34,48332,348
H 13252Satin Cherry31,34029,491
H 13252Polished Cherry34,93232,756
H 13252Polished White31,78929,899
H 13252Polished Bubinga35,38133,165
H 13252Palisander Rosewood37,40235,002
H 13252Polished Pyramid Mahogany38,30035,818
H 13252Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay32,91230,920
H 13252Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay37,40235,002
H 13252Polished Burl Walnut37,40235,002
H 13252Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay32,91230,920
H 13252Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay37,40235,002
H 13252Satin Cherry and Yew32,91230,920
H 13252Polished Cherry and Yew37,40235,002
K 13252Polished Ebony32,55330,594
K 13252Satin Mahogany/Walnut33,00231,002
K 13252Polished Mahogany/Walnut37,49235,084
K 13252Satin Cherry34,34932,226
K 13252Polished Cherry37,94135,492
K 13252Polished White34,79832,635
K 13252Polished Bubinga38,39035,900
K 13252Palisander Rosewood40,41037,736
K 13252Polished Pyramid Mahogany41,30838,553
K 13252Satin Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay35,92033,655
K 13252Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay40,41037,736
K 13252Polished Burl Walnut40,41037,736
K 13252Satin Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay35,92033,655
K 13252Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay40,41037,736
K 13252Satin Cherry and Yew35,92033,655
K 13252Polished Cherry and Yew40,41037,736
H 17558Polished Ebony75,96070,055
H 17558Satin Mahogany/Walnut81,65775,234
H 17558Polished Mahogany/Walnut89,33082,209
H 17558Satin Cherry80,97474,613
H 17558Polished Cherry91,42084,109
H 17558Polished White81,27774,888
H 17558Polished Bubinga93,09185,628
H 17558Palisander Rosewood97,68789,806
H 17558Polished Pyramid Mahogany102,28393,985
H 17558Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay111,893102,721
H 17558Polished Burl Walnut99,77691,705
H 17558Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay111,893102,721
H 17558Satin Cherry and Yew106,04397,403
H 17558Polished Cherry and Yew111,893102,721
H 17558Classic Alexandra Polished Ebony91,00283,729
H 17558Classic Alexandra Polished Walnut104,37295,884
H 17558Classic Alexandra Burl Walnut114,818105,380
H 17558Classic Alexandra Palisander112,729103,481
H 17558Louis XIV Satin White w/Gold146,238133,944
H 17558Satin and Polished Louis XV Mahogany111,893102,721
H 17558Ambassador Palisander137,881126,346
H 17558Ambassador Walnut133,703122,548
H 18661Polished Ebony80,55674,233
H 18661Satin Mahogany/Walnut86,59879,725
H 18661Polished Mahogany/Walnut93,92786,388
H 18661Satin Cherry85,57078,791
H 18661Polished Cherry96,01688,287
H 18661Polished White86,19579,359
H 18661Polished Bubinga100,19492,085
H 18661Palisander Rosewood102,28393,985
H 18661Polished Pyramid Mahogany108,55099,682
H 18661Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay116,489106,899
H 18661Polished Burl Walnut104,37295,884
H 18661Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay116,489106,899
H 18661Satin Cherry and Yew101,44793,225
H 18661Polished Cherry and Yew116,489106,899
H 18661Classic Alexandra Polished Ebony95,59887,907
H 18661Classic Alexandra Polished Walnut108,968100,062
H 18661Classic Alexandra Burl Walnut119,414109,558
H 18661Classic Alexandra Palisander117,325107,659
H 18661Louis XIV Satin White w/Gold150,416137,742
H 18661Satin and Polished Louis XV Mahogany116,489106,899
H 18661Ambassador Palisander150,416137,742
H 18661Ambassador Walnut146,238133,944
H 210610Polished Ebony93,80186,274
H 210610Satin Mahogany/Walnut100,83692,669
H 210610Polished Mahogany/Walnut110,974101,885
H 210610Satin Cherry101,94993,681
H 210610Polished Cherry112,729103,481
H 210610Polished White100,36792,243
H 210610Polished Bubinga114,400105,000
H 210610Palisander Rosewood123,174112,976
H 210610Polished Pyramid Mahogany129,441118,674
H 210610Polished Mahogany w/Vavona Inlay137,798126,271
H 210610Polished Burl Walnut121,085111,077
H 210610Polished Burl Walnut w/Walnut Inlay137,798126,271
H 210610Satin Cherry and Yew121,169111,154
H 210610Polished Cherry and Yew137,798126,271
H 210610Classic Alexandra Polished Ebony108,84399,948
H 210610Classic Alexandra Polished Walnut126,015115,559
H 210610Classic Alexandra Burl Walnut136,127124,752
H 210610Classic Alexandra Palisander138,216126,651
H 210610Louis XIV Satin White w/Gold183,842168,129
H 210610Satin and Polished Louis XV Mahogany129,734118,940
H 210610Ambassador Palisander162,951149,137
H 210610Ambassador Walnut158,773145,339