Schimmel K169 Custom Grand with Player, Excellent Offer!

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Schimmel K169 Custom Grand with Player, Excellent Offer!
This is a customized, much higher quality version than the already excellent Schimmel K169. Schimmel Model K-169 grand (5’7”) serial #360176 (2008).

I am the original owner, purchased directly from the owner of AZ Piano in Sept 2010. The owner of AZ Piano worked closely with the Schimmel company over the years and had this piano customized to his specifications.

The sound produced gives great range of dynamics, superb sustain and fantastic tones. The action is nearly identical to the Schimmel 7 foot K213 grand.

I have personally immaculately maintained this piano with professional tunings 3x yearly in a climate-controlled room in Scottsdale, Arizona.

It was professionally appraised in April 2014 by a registered Piano Guild Technician at $65,500.

I am happy to provide the appraisal document for review upon request.

Taken directly from the appraisal:
Case: High polish ebony finish in excellent condition
Bench: Matching artist bench in excellent condition
Keys: Two-tone sharps; keytops and bushings in excellent condition
Action: Hammers lightly grooved; action well-regulated and in very good condition
Dampers: All operating normally
Strings: Excellent condition
Soundboard: Excellent condition
Bridges: Excellent condition
Pedals: Excellent condition
Pinblock: Excellent condition
Pitch: Piano is at pitch (most recent tuning 13 May 2014)
Tone: Excellent bass tone, strong presence, excellent sustain
Player: Piano has Live Performance LX player system installed
Cost of equivalent new piano (replacement value): $92,250 (including LX system)

Additional items on this piano that are not present in other K169s include:

A truly gorgeous Moonwood soundboard, hand-picked from Switzerland by the Schimmel family for this instrument, provides a truly exceptional resonance to the sound.

The top end sings, and the bass is very impressive – absolutely blowing away others in the same size, easily projecting power of a 6 foot grand.

The sharps are customized with natural wood on the side adding elegance and dimension.

Oversized solid brass casters for a more polished look.

This is a player piano as well - installed with the Live Performance LX high-fidelity player piano system. I will also include all CDs I have with the purchase.

This is A LOT OF PIANO in an AMAZING package. As a serious player, it packs a huge punch with a comfortable size that allows it to fit beautifully in many rooms in your home. That is what attracted me to it in the first place, and I still absolutely love it.

It looks amazing, it sounds amazing. I'd love another owner to enjoy it as I have - a smart buyer who realizes this is EXCEPTIONAL value compared to any Steinway for the price. You will be getting a player piano as well that can entertain you for hours each day. I know, because I was in the market for a Steinway, until I came across this piano, and my head and ears were completed turned...

Please contact me with any questions. I am happy and willing to discuss pricing with serious buyers. Many thanks. Buyer to pay for transport within the US.

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