Blüthner Grand Piano - SAP Renovation 5867

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Blüthner Grand Piano - SAP Renovation 5867
Serial number: 128435
The length – 152 cm
5 years warranty

The instrument is after complete renovation including the case, the acoustic, the action and the keyboard renovation.

Technical specifications:


- finish: varnised with polyester in 100% deep, black gloss,
- new continuous hinge of the lid,
- new, handmade manufacturer’s logo on the fallboard, drawn with the masterful precision,
- new lock.


- the soundboard was repaired and varnished in gloss,
- new bass and treble bridge tops,
- new decal on the soundboard,
- new pin block made of special plywood,
- the iron frame was varnished in high, 97% gloss,
- new tuning pins,
- new steel strings of Röslau,
- new bass strings,
- new frame pins,
- new frame felts,
- the instrument was tuned multiple times,
- the instrument received concert intonation.


- new keyboard felts,
- new keyboard cashmeres,
- new, white key tops,
- new damper felts of Jahn,
- new hammers with natural felts of German company Abel,
- new hammer shanks of Abel,
- new action felts,
- new action cashmeres and leathers.

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