Beautiful sounding 1936 Gulbranson Grand

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Beautiful sounding 1936 Gulbranson Grand
This will be an amazing piano if you want to upgrade to a grand piano. For the great sound it has it is very reasonably priced, and the case is in good condition.
Was bought from a family in Brookline and used caringly from 2013-2014 for jazz and classical house concerts.
Gulbranson is a Boston brand and the craftsmanship is great. It has been very well maintained since it was purchased in 2013. The piano is located in Jamaica Plain, so moving details and costs would be assumed by the buyer.

Please reach out to make an appointment to hear the piano or to have someone you trust evaluate it.

Repairs done by Andrew Gilliespie

Hammer replacement
Sostenuto repair
The damper action needed to be lubricated and adjusted in order for the dampers to work properly.
Complete Regulation (Adjustment of parts, springs, etc.)

Look forward to hearing from you!

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