Steinert Concert Grand

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Steinert Concert Grand
The Steinert Concert Grand is a nearly identical copy of the Steinway. Look closely at the comparison photo. The Steinway on the right has one variation from the Steinert in the central bar. Steinway in fact made allowance for the bar that Steinert put in with a gap in the strings but chose instead to put in the diagonal brace like a B. Otherwise the layout of the sections and the number of unisons per section are the same. String lengths are the same, too.They diid in fact try to copy as closely as they could without causing a lawsuit. The action is Wessell, Nickel & Gross as in a Mason & Hamlin.
This piano has a new soundboard, a new pinblock, new action and new key tops which are real ebony and new one piece ivory. By the end of the summer this piano will not be able to be sold because of the ivory so this may be your last chance to get legal real ivory in this country. The ivory itself was from stock bought in legal culling carried out by the wildlife experts in Africa back on the 1980s.
It is tuned and regulated and at concert pitch. An artist bench will be included. There are very few of these left in the world and the cost doesn't even approach half of the cost of the Steinway D, though it is just as well made.

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