1915 Steinway NY Model B Mahogany (6' 10.5 ')

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1915 Steinway NY Model B Mahogany (6' 10.5 ')
Steinway NY Model B Mahogany (6' 10.5 ")
Serial Number 172976

Made in 1915 “the golden age” of Steinway, this piano went back to the Steinway factory in 1940 for refurbishing and has been very well maintained since. It has a very good soundboard, still adequate torque in the pinblock, 2/0 pins, good dampers and strings.

The tone is even and powerful; there is no reason to rebuild this B; it is a good instrument “as is” and has many years of good performance left in it.
Original ivory replaced with Steinway composite keytops.
More images of the soundboard, front and back action & bridges, pins, etc. available upon request.
If you want this piano "As is" please contact Seller.

Our Price For This Piano $ 14,500.00

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