Wm. Knabe Grand Piano

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Wm. Knabe Grand Piano
J.B. Piano Service Evaluation
1050 Stillson Road
Fairfield, CT 06824

Piano Type: Grand 5’ 4”
Maker: Wm. Knabe
Serial Number: 108354 manufactured 1931, restored in 1970’s

Pin block and strings:
The pins are tight, the stings clean and do not have any rust. Tuning pins measure in in excess of 50# torque and some are greater than 70# torque - A

The case:
Black Satin Lacquer with minor nicks - B

The action responded well all the keys are playing. There is not any dust in the
action - A

Ivory key tops in good condition. There is minor discoloration - A-

Dampers: The damper are in excellent condition - A

Hammers: The hammers have slight grooves and are clean - A

Pedals: The lyre system needs repair or proper assembly - D

Soundboard: Clean with out any splits or cracks - A
LAST TURN UP 5/22/2014

Piano Bench: Functional bench - B

Humidity Control: This piano lacks a piano life saver system - R

This piano was rebuilt/restored during the late 1970’s. It has had limited use since then.

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