Steinway B 1916

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Steinway B 1916
1916 Steinway B Grand from Steinway's Golden Era

This instrument was factory restored by Steinway in 1962. No Teflon parts. In the 1980's new hammers were installed plus voicing and regulation work was done by the technician for the Boston Symphony Orchestra who had a long history with Steinway (and also wanted to buy the piano).

The instrument was recently evaluated by a top Steinway technician - the Steinway soundboard is in excellent condition and the instrument overall is in very good condition. It only needs only tuning, voicing and regulation. No parts need to be replaced and no other work is needed.

The case is mahogany but has a satin ebony finish; per the technician the straight side finish needs fixing or the next owner could do a total piano refinishing -> ~$1.5K to fix or a complete refinishing for $4.5K for an satin ebony finish here in LA. A Dampp Chaser unit is installed. Does not have ivory key tops.

Only two owners in its life - a concert pianist and an amateur classical pianist.

This instrument has the warm, rich sound of a B and an expressive tone quality throughout its range.

$33k or best offer

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