Magnificent Grand Steinway, Deep, Powerful, Rich Tone

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Magnificent Grand Steinway, Deep, Powerful, Rich Tone
This is an Completely Refurbished Steinway by Steve Klaunch in Dallas Texas in 2011. This piano is now like new and in excellent condition.
It is a full size grand piano that is fit for a professional yet extraordinary instrument that will inspire the novice for life.
A Steinway like no other. The Soundboard is perfect and has not been replaced. All else, Completely reworked recently at a cost of over $30,000.00 in 2011. Because the soundboard is still in its original pristine condition, the soul of the instrument is still intact.
You cannot get the quality of this instrument with a New Steinway grand for even $50,000.00. The appraiser has said that an instrument of this quality would cost you close to $86,000.00 new.

Why is it for sale?
Our beloved Mother, Glenda Lanier, died last fall. She was a Master Piano Teacher of great acclaim throughout Texas with the Texas Piano Teacher Music Association. This Steinway was her most cherished possession. As a master musician, she searched long and hard for a grand piano. When she discovered this piano it was in the backroom with tarps over it and the lid off. She couldn't see the beauty of its exterior, however when she sat down to play it, tears came to her eyes. 'This is it.' 'This is it.' 'This is the one.' The beauty and perfection of the tone was astounding. It still is to this day.

All piano teachers and students who have had the pleasure of playing this instrument have loved this piano. We can give you testimonies, but you won't need them when you come play it for yourself.

This instrument has been lovingly taken care of for 40 years by our mother and father. Tuned regularly, etc.

If we gave this piano to a Dealer to sell for us, the Steinway Dealer told us it would list for $75,000 and up. We were told a replacement value for an instrument of this quality would be a new Steinway listed at $86,000.00.

Many of you are shopping for a Grand Piano to inspire yourself or your children. This instrument will be deeply gratifying, and inspiring for any student or performer to play. It is worth every penny of your investment. Live your JOY! Play this instrument!

Here is the information from the recent Appraisal:
Other-Name=Steinway and Sons
Model=Model L
Approximate-Age=100 yrs
Wood-Finish-Color=Medium Brown
Wood-Finish-Polish=Satin - Shiny, but not mirror-like
Piano's-Condition=Rebuilt - has been completely rebuilt & refinished in 2012
Original Soundboard, no cracks. In mint condition.

Steinway Model O Grand


Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg Sr. built his first piano in 1825 in Seesen, Germany. By 1839 he had exhibited his pianos in state fairs, establishing his reputation as a piano builder before emigrating to the USA with his wife and children in 1850. The Steinweg family decided to 'Americanize' their name to Steinway when they arrived in New York. After first working for other companies, learning the piano business in America, he and his sons established Steinway & Sons in 1853. In 1866 Steinway Hall opened to become the center of New York culture until Carnegie Hall was unveiled in 1891. In 1880 Steinway built a factory in Hamburg, Germany. Within a short time, their innovative design patents that included instruments with stronger frames, more powerful scales and sound, and responsive actions, revolutionized the piano. By about the 1880s, their grand piano design was essentially what the modern piano is to this day. By the 1960s, the fourth generation of the Steinway family had neither any heirs willing to run the business, nor the capital required for modernization and new equipment. They eventually sold the company to CBS Inc. in 1972. CBS realized that it was out of their realm of expertise to run and operate a piano business, so they sold the company in 1985 to an investment group that consisted of people with various backgrounds in marketing, management, finance and law who formed Steinway Musical Properties. Ten years later in 1995, the company was sold again to Selmer Industries, a large manufacturer of brass and woodwind instruments, the combined company forming Steinway Musical Instruments Inc.

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