Steinway Model O 1921

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Steinway Model O 1921
Steinway Model O c.1921. The piano is in excellent restored condition.

This piano is located at a piano dealership, where you will be able to play and test the instrument.

Belly: The stringing is quite good. Proper number of coils around the tuning pins. Duplex scales were replated with nickel. A new pin block has been installed and the piano was restrung with nickel plated pons.

Bridges: Tight, no loose pins, properly graphite, sound of piano gives evidence.

Soundboard: There are a few minor cracks, but this is not unusual and they are not causing any sort of buzzing or other noise.

Keys: Keys are original ivory and original ebonies.

Piano Action: All new Steinway parts have been installed. Wiping, hammers, shanks and flanges.

Case and Hardware:The piano was refinished in a factory quality ebony satin finish. All the hardware has been nickel plated.

Appraisal Value is $28,000- $30,000

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