Steinway B Pristine Home Piano

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Steinway B Pristine Home Piano
I purchased this beautiful B model new from the Atlanta Steinway dealer. I bought it 10+ years ago and it has always been an at-home piano. It is in excellent condition cosmetically and mechanically. I had a steam humidifier installed with the thermostat in the piano room.
It was signed by Henry Steinway and I was told by a Steinway technician that he played everything that came out of the factory and only signed the ones he liked.
It is tuned and regulated to perfection and plays flawlessly. The sound board is perfect with no cracks or blemishes. The tuning is stable and the pins are tight. There is no rust or corrosion anywhere.
It has always been maintained by Andy Williamson who also tunes for some of the solo artists who appear locally with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.
An adjustable artist's bench is included.
Shipping is not included.

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