Kawai Grand Piano 6'1' model KG-3E Plexiglass with Bench

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Kawai Grand Piano 6'1' model KG-3E Plexiglass with Bench
This is a unique piano. Acoustic piano with a big sound. Not electric/electronic piano.

It's a Kawai, model GE-3E, 6'1', serial #1828008, Plexiglass with matching bench.

The Plexiglass case of the piano is see through and aside from being a great piano, it is also a conversational piece.

I checked the internet and found answers to queries, and three interesting facts:
1. Neil Sedaka bought two pianos like this.
2. Kawai makes no more than five of these a year.
3. They are selling for over $110,000.

This is a great-playing piano. The action is very responsive, and the playing is smooth. The sound is grand, and this piano can turn heads any time, any place.

This is really a rare find. I didn't see even one like this on eBay. Here is your chance to own one. This piano was purchased new and was used mainly for decoration. The piano is tuned and ready to move to a new house.

Would love to hear from you. Please call (818) 612-8180. Thank you.

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