Antique Bechstein Grand Piano Art Case IMMACULATE CONDITION

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Antique Bechstein Grand Piano Art Case IMMACULATE CONDITION
Art case, C. Bechstein, 1903, Berlin, Grand Piano, Rare, One of a Kind, made in Germany. Hand painted and beautiful – the only one made. Comes with original adjustable bench.

It's not every day that you find the biggest piano name, art-case piano in beautiful condition and for the right price!...
Additionally, this piano is in excellent playing condition and it comes with the original ivory keys.

The plate of the piano was brought to its glorious time with much attention to details.

The board was professionally shimmed, and the action is perfect.
The piano has new strings, new bass strings, new dampers, new pinblock and new chrome tuning pins (size pins: 2).
The soundboard and bridges were redone.
The plate was redone.
This piano is irreplaceable for any amount.

About Bechstein: Bechstein was established in 1853 By Carl Bechstein in Berlin, Germany and has the reputation of being the best piano in the world. It is a superior piano, prized by British royalty, the Tsars of Russia, the royal families of Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Austria and Denmark. Windson castle houses a Bechstein grand piano.

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