Upright Console Piano American Made by Krakauer Bros

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Upright Console Piano American Made by Krakauer Bros
For sale is an American-made console piano manufactured by Krakauer Bros. Krakauer Bros. was the last of many piano manufacturers in the Bronx and located at 115 E. 138th Street. This piano was manufactured in 1970 and sold to me in early 1971.

From The Bronx Historian:
'At the end of the 19th century, piano making had become one of The Bronx's signature industries. By 1913, The Bronx had 40 piano factories and an additional 14 manufacturers of piano components. By 1919, the borough was, according to the New York Times, the 'center of New York's piano industry.' In an industry with 191 companies and 23,000 employees nationwide, The Bronx had 63 piano factories and employing more than 5,000 people, producing approximately 115,000 units annually. Forty-three of these factories were in Mott Haven, in the area south of 149th Street and west of Port Morris. By 1925, declining production, industry consolidation, and perhaps the rising popularity of radio had shrunk the number of Bronx piano manufacturers to approximately 40. The last Bronx piano manufacturer was Krakauer, but by the mid 1970s, it, too, was gone.'

I am the original and only owner of this beautiful piece of artisanship and sadly, must sell it because of an upcoming move. It has been well-maintained and in top-notch playing condition. I can provide a reference of my piano tuner for interested buyers. I have the original receipt and letter of authenticity signed by Robert Krakauer Bretzfelder, the President and CEO of Krakauer Bros. at the time. The piano is a Patrician Console and the model is The Contemporary. The wood finish is walnut. Dimensions are 41' X 60' X 24'.

Other specifications from the manufacturer:

--Only genuine Plexiglass keys of double weight
--Key bed is of selected choice Sitka spruce
--String length exceeds that of a fine five foot grand
--Bass strings are genuine copper wound, not merely washed or plated
--Pin blocks of seasoned 6 ply cross grained rock-maple hold tuning pins firmly and keep piano in tune
--Piano actions, all moving parts and strings are treated to withstand test of changeable climate
--Action parts are damp-proofed
--Action felts are moth proofed and weather resistant
--Direct blow action
--Sounding boards are of selected Adirondack spruce tapered throughout, seasoned for a full year, then heated and cooled twice before installation
--Sitka spruce ribs are fitted to the crown of the sounding board and notched into the back linings
--All back posts are oversized and extra strong
--Piano case is double veneered inside and out and waterproof aircraft glue is used at strategic points
--Grand piano top for perfect tone projection

The piano is located on the second floor of my home and the buyer must be able to move it from there and transport it to its new home.

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