Quality of a Grand in an Upright

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Quality of a Grand in an Upright
This exquisite piano was built to-order from Schimmel’s Braunschweig factory in 2007 & imported from Germany in 2010. This piano is tuned regularly and lives in a humidity-controlled environment, out of direct sunlight. The piano is located in Hudson, WI.

The Diamond Prestige series of pianos was created by Schimmel to be the quality of a grand piano for those without that amount of space. Much detail work has been done on the inside of the piano and much care has been taken in its construction. (See photos.)

The top can be opened in 3 different ways for more or less of its gorgeous, warm sound.

Click on the video to the right to hear the piano (3 different pieces).

* Piano
* bench
* coasters for hard wood floors
* polishing spray & polishing cloth

Payment accepted via wire transfer or via check with 5-business day waiting period.

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