Ritmuller Baby Grand Excellent Condition FREE LOCAL DELIVERY

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Ritmuller Baby Grand Excellent Condition FREE LOCAL DELIVERY
2002 Ritmuller Baby Grand Piano, 4' 10' (serial number 949576). Renner hammers and action. The action, strings, keys, and pinblock are in perfect working order. Seldom played. Meticulously maintained in a climate controlled residential environment. In excellent condition, except for three very minor cosmetic issues: extremely fine 2' hairline crack on edge of left cabinet; extremely light 2' scratch on top of lid; missing small replaceable plastic bumper on lid underside. Appraised at $10,180.00 by Bluebook of Pianos, based on the age, condition, size, grade and rarity of this piano. Asking $7000. Will pay for Chicagoland moving charge.

From the appraisal: This piano was designed for home use, these pianos are often chosen by beginning and advanced students. It’s a wonderfully balanced and versatile piano that does extremely well in intimate settings, teaching studios, and mid-sized venues. These pianos are valued as well for their musical capabilities. Ritmuller Piano Company (founded 1795) became one of Europe’s most innovative manufacturers. Ritmuller conceived of the double soundboard that resulted in the characteristic warm, rich tone now called the “Euro Sound.”

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