Totally redesigned & rebuilt 1919 Mason & Halmin 'A'

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Totally redesigned & rebuilt 1919 Mason & Halmin 'A'
Totally redesigned, rebuilt and refinished. Unique, customized instrument with many design improvements resulting in a very special, one of a kind piano. Universally acclaimed by top piano technicians at the recent Piano Technicians Guild seminar. Perfect for recording studio or the home as it is a medium sized piano with a very large sound because of the technical innovations.

This piano is virtually new with many design features which have come to rebuilder’s attention in the last 20 years. It is a unique and amazing piano, which is re-designed to sound better and last longer than other rebuilt and new pianos. Because of it’s rib crowned and supported soundboard, bass cutoff bar, treble “fish”, added laminate ribs, laminate bridge caps, carbon fiber composite action parts and many other innovations which make this piano worth much more than the asking price. “Nice piano”, says Bruce Clark head of engineering at Mason & Hamlin, the manufacturers of the current models.

Some high recommendations: Erik Schandall, Mario Igrec, Bruce Clark; all world famous concert technicians and piano engineers, not to mention many other registered piano technicians in the Piano Technicians Guild who all thought it was a remarkable one of a kind piano.

This piano is now located in Allston MA in our showroom. There is a recording of it as well as much technical data on our website:

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