Steinway K-52 Upright

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Steinway K-52 Upright
Steinway mahogany upright K52 Professional Model; This piano features a soundboard larger in area than many grand pianos, for a larger and more resonant voice. Height: 52' (132cm); excellent condition; regularly tuned; built-in internal humidity control unit; built in 1992; sound is amazing. Sells new for $29,990.
K-52 Description
This fifty-two-inch high masterpiece is simply the most impressive vertical piano in the world. The patented diaphragmatic soundboard has the same “speaking area” as that of a six-foot grand piano. The wonderfully responsive Accelerated Action allows the player to ask anything of the piano, with full confidence that it will respond—and that it will do so beautifully. The cabinet is impressive—with intricate inlay to be found on the front upper panels of the natural wood finish models. The massive and strategically placed backposts give support where it’s most needed, thus insuring that this piano will be used for generations. Every inch a Steinway, this is a musical instrument that is a proud addition to any home.

52’’ (132 cm)

60 ¾’’ (152.5 cm)

26 3/8’’ (68 cm)

600 pounds (267 kg)

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