Wurlitzer Upright Piano! Mahogany Finish, Good Condition!

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Wurlitzer Upright Piano! Mahogany Finish, Good Condition!

This is a very nice upright piano produced by Wurlitzer. All 88 keys work perfectly, and none of the keys an echo or have any other problems. The pedals also work flawlessly. I don't know what model this is, so I included a picture of the branding inside the piano, which you could probably use to find out what model it is.

It was tuned in the last couple weeks, and shouldn't need to be tuned anytime soon. (Moving it shouldn't affect the tuning, according to the experienced piano tuner.) We can produce the receipt if you would like to see the proof and or date of tuning, as well as for a recommendation for a good piano tuner.

The bench is included, and (as shown in the final picture), it is the matching mahogany color with a leopard top.

I don't know much about woof finishes, so I have no idea what finish it is, but I think the wood is mahogany.

By all means, email me if you have any questions!

If you want to give the piano a try, we are located right off the Lynn Road offramp in Thousand Oaks; we can work out a time that would work for both of us. :)

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