Beautiful Antique Upright Piano

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Beautiful Antique Upright Piano
Hi Everyone,

I'm selling my beautiful antique upright piano. I am a music teacher and recently purchased a baby grand piano so I need to sell this one. Let me first say, this is a gorgeous antique. It has intricate woodworking and plays beautifully. It was manufactured in 1901 by the C. E. Byrne Piano Company. It has such history! It truly is a beautiful piece. I had it tuned about a year and a half ago and the piano tuner was amazed at the condition of the original strings and hammers. With it being so old, he was very surprised it sounded as good as it does. The pitch is slightly lower than A440 although all the keys are tuned to each other well. I have used this piano to play for pleasure and also to teach with. It has a classic antique sound and it's very unique. It has a beautiful energy to it and I'm pretty sad to see it go. This would be a beautiful piano for an antique collector, pianist, or student. The piano has some wear and tear as most antiques have. To me, this gives the piano character. Because they used quality wood in the olden days, this piano is very heavy. You will need to hire a piano mover to come get it. Once it's been moved, I recommend a good tuning and some TLC. I will need to sell this fast because my grand piano is coming soon so if you are interested please let me know and we can plan a time for you to come see it. I'm selling it for a low $450 or make me an offer. Thanks!!

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