Great Starter Piano - Cable Upright

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Great Starter Piano - Cable Upright
This piano has a very fine sound with all keys working well. It has a padded bench that opens for music storage. It was purchased by its previous owners in 2002 and has a beautiful warm tone. Judging from its serial # it is approximately 64 years old. It is in need of a tuning (though not terribly off as is), but otherwise great sound, and would make a great Starter piano. It has some areas on the top where the wood needs refinishing, but otherwise in great shape.

Its bluebook value is up to $1200 or more but I would be happy if I got $850 for it, and lowest would be $625. I am in a big hurry to move this thing as I have no place for it where I am moving next! But I would like to receive what it is actually worth, or close....

You must come and transport the piano yourself, no delivery. Must be moved by March 30. Payment must be paid live and in cash (or paypal would work if long distance), no checks. Please text Deanna with subject line 'piano' if you are interested, or email reply to this ad. (Calls only if you do not have text, otherwise prefer text or email...)

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