Steinway Upright Grand circa 1899

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Steinway Upright Grand circa 1899
This is a Steinway Model I, built in New York City in 1899, serial number 94389. This excellent piano received a $7,000 reconditioning and partial rebuilding when I purchased it in Los Angeles. It has been well kept in a humidified home and I won't need to take it to California when I move back, so it's for sale here in New York. I made improvements to the piano in every respect except the cabinet which is not restored. It's in top playing condition.

Most people who know Steinway uprights are familiar with the Model K, which is ubiquitous and has been made from 1903 to the present. It has a very plain case. The Model I preceded the Model K, and is quite rare compared to the Model K. Stylistically, the case borrows from ancient Greek architecture, utilizing dramatic doric columns and pilasters.

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