Conover Cable Player Baby Grand 4' 7'

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Conover Cable Player Baby Grand 4' 7'
Yes, you've read it correctly. The price includes ground level delivery within most of the 48 lower states. Call to be certain you're in a covered area

Conover Cable is a division of Samick Music Instruments, the largest music manufacturer in the world. Unfamiliar with Samick? You may not know them by name but you do know their work. They've made pianos for Wurlitzer, Baldwin, Knabe, Sojin, Horugel and a number of others. They make musical instruments for Yamaha, Fender, Ibanez, Washburn and dozens of others

The instrument is in great condition, it is a 4' 7' Baby Grand Player with matching bench. We've upgraded the player system to latest version of PianoDisc IQ. Read more about the system below and remember, call with any questions

It plays itself!
We'll upgrade this piano's existing PianoDisc system to the amazing PianoDisc iQ Intelligent Player System prior to delivery, included in the sale price. Invisible, with no control box, no CD's or disks needed. Play music using your smartphone, iPad, just about any modern device you already own.

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