Wurlitzer 5'8' Grand Piano Ebony Satin

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Wurlitzer 5'8' Grand Piano Ebony Satin
This handsome 5'8' Wurlitzer grand piano, model G-457, was purchased new in 1990 and was privately owned here in Connecticut before arriving in our showroom.

Beautiful satin ebony cabinet.
Few modern pianos (with the exception of very expensive handmade American or European pianos) can be found with authentic ebony satin finishes. The finish is hand-rubbed with the same distinctive grain pattern that can be found on Steinway pianos, it's not a faux 'matte' black finish found on less expensive pianos. It's a great choice for more classically furnished rooms where a high-polish piano would be out of place.

A quality musical instrument.
This piano was manufactured in Korea by Young Chang, one of the world's largest and most respected piano manufacturers. In the 1980s and 1990s, Young Chang's Korean factory established itself as a maker of very high quality pianos which have stood the test of time amazingly well.

We don't often come across baby grands of this quality at such a low price. The 5'8' grand piano cabinet holds an instrument with a beautiful and resonant tone. The bass is beautifully full and rich.

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