Fazioli Semi Concert Grand

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Fazioli Semi Concert Grand
A superb Fazioli grand piano is for sale in California at a very reasonable price considering it's age and useage. It was purchased in 2005 at the factory in Italy and then was largely unplayed until just recently. It has been used here since 2011 for very private home classical musical gatherings where it has again been played minimaly. It is in pristine condition. It has been perfectly played in by a light handed classical pianist. It has been bi/tri yearly and per show tuned, regulated, lubricated, and voiced by a master concert piano technician. This piano is a dream to play. I'll say it again, it is a dream to play. If it were not for having two of them, it would be kept in the living room here.

This piano has it all: It has a deep, even and soft tone when using the soft pedal and it shifts to an agressive, complex, loud and bright tone when you push the action for triple forte and yes, it has EVERYTHING in between. This piano has a suptle, fast and very responsive action. It has all you need to perform your own music for pleasure, for an audience in your home or for an audience looking into a pro stage. It is virtually new, regulated perfectly and plays accurately in all dynamic ranges. The case, the craftsmaship? It is tier #1, as with all the fine handcrafted pianos you may know. Many fine pianists now consider this to be the worlds premiere handcrafted piano. The price listed here is THE PRICE. If you would like to make an offer, well, it will be entertained to some degree of course. If you know this piano maker, if you know what a fine piano is and if you are interested in this one please call: 805 226 2272. If you do not know of this piano manufacturer check out the info. in the links below.






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