Perfect 1927 STEINWAY....rebuilt to NEW, awesome !

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Perfect 1927 STEINWAY....rebuilt to NEW, awesome !
......Stunning 1927 brushed satin Ebony Steinway model M was rebuilt and refinished in 2013 by NY Steinway factory people. Brought to absolute NEW condition outside and inside, using all genuine Steinway parts, and no shortcuts were taken. Perfect original soundboard has been saved and properly refinished. Fine brushed satin Ebony refinishing outside as new, plus NEW metal. New Steinway action parts like hammers and wippins, New pin block and strings, plate refinished in correct Steinway color, and inked, New double key bushings etc, etc. Consider this Steinway a 10 out of 10. You will want to see and play this one if you are considering a new or fine antique piano, you will love it. Notice rare 1920's matching Steinway chair, also in mint condition. Privately owned. Finances prompts sale. $24,900/ORO
If you might want to own this Steinway but would like to discuss the amount, let me know.

Emails with contact info. please. Thank you.

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