Beautiful rebuilt Fischer upright

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Beautiful rebuilt Fischer upright
Completely restored and refinished. All ivory keytops in perfect condition, practice rail, extra-wide music stand. The stunning exterior you can see in the pictures, but the sound has to be heard to be believed. The taller the piano, the bigger the sound, and this is as tall as they come: it has a thundering bass and a sweet, smooth treble.
This remarkable piano, which served one family for over a hundred years, was so well preserved it was worth restoring. I discovered that the structural and mechanical components were so solid I didn't need to replace any. I merely reinforced them, and replaced all the worn-out felt and leather parts, including: all the hammers, all the bridle straps, all the damper felts, all the key bushings, all the key frame felts, all the pedal and trapwork bushings, and all the bass strings. I also had the case refinished, the pedals replated and did a great deal of cleaning inside and in the back! I have over 80 hours work in it, not counting the refinishing. It's now in my living room and we'll be sorry to see it go! But I have more coming and need to make room. :-)
I can help move it.
I'm the technician who serviced this piano.

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