Just Restored Player Piano-Guaranteed and Delivered

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Just Restored Player Piano-Guaranteed and Delivered
I know this is the most expensive player piano you are likely to see but that is because it has received the most labor and the most new parts of any listed. If you are looking for an old foot pumper player piano and are finding nothing but junk out there do not despair.This player is beautiful to look at and will give excellent reliable service for many years to come. This piano has been thoroughly gone through and restored to a level you will not find elsewhere. The finish is new, satin ebony, brass polished, has all of its original ivory keys that are very white with no chips or cracking and have been polished to a nice smooth luster. Player mechanism has a great many hours of labor and hundreds of parts (tubes, hoses, pouches etc.) put into it making it as new and is very easy to pump. Piano also plays nicely by hand and can be used as a regular piano. Soundboard has no cracks, tuning pins are tight and has new felts. Has been comprehensively regulated and is tuned to A440. You can go to the Boston branch of ptg.org and hire a piano tech to examine the piano for you. Also I can play it for you on the phone. Price includes rolls, a home tuning, original matching bench, a 5 year guaranty and first floor delivery to most locations.
My web site is playerpianorestoration.com

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