7'6' of Beautiful Falcone NEW Condition Grand Sound

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7'6' of Beautiful Falcone NEW Condition Grand Sound
Falcone, 7'6' grand piano, bought new in 2006. The serial # is IB8113 and the color is black high gloss.

It's practically new in and out.
This big piano has a deep, warm sound of a concert piano.

It has a full round tone, smooth action, evenness of scale, hydraulic fallboard, superb case design, and a brand new artist bench.

The piano has wide brass casters/wheels, and a rich wood veneer in the front of the piano, which adds class and beauty to it.

If you are a pianist, a teacher, or a piano enthusiast, this is the quality piano you'd enjoy. Playing classical music on this piano never sounded better.

Feel free to call me with any questions -- I'm looking forward to speaking with you.
You'd be amazed at how wonderful this piano is!!!!!!

My phone number is: (818) 612-8180 cell (California time, please).

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