Steinway O Ebony. perfect ivory keys & good soundboard

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Steinway O Ebony. perfect ivory keys & good soundboard
Deep rich Steinway tone. Priced for someone who wants a professional piano for a small fraction of the usual cost.

This is a well loved and maintained piano from the ’20′s (the golden era of Steinways). It was restrung, refinished, and new ivory applied in the recent past. (beautiful replaced ivory is worth $3000 alone) Very warm and rich sound. I have done regulation and voicing on the instrument. It is quite playable as is, but we could talk about putting new hammers & shanks to make the sound warmer and more flexible, in which case the price will be $18950.

This piano was owned by a friend of the family and it has a full provenance tracing it's history. The owner was a supporter of the BSO and had many gatherings where the piano was enjoyed by the orchestra members and other esteemed musicians.

We can help you arrange a low cost long distance move.

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