Steinway A3- Ivory keys & classic rare ribbon mahogany

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Steinway A3- Ivory keys & classic rare ribbon mahogany
Price is $16,000 – $21,000 depends on what level of work we put into it. The longest and best designed of the famous Steinway A series; made for a short time only and now long out of production, thus hard to come by.

The A3, or "stretch A", has many characteristics of the almost 7 ft. Steinway B, but in a more manageable size. You could say it's the B's younger brother. This particular piano has had much work done on it, so is quite playable at $16K. We have thoroughly regulated and voiced it to get the most out of the current parts, thus keeping the price down. If the buyer would like new parts installed and other related work, we are happy to do this on a custom basis either now or in the future.

Serial# 184702

The piano is located in our showroom in Allston MA. We can help you arrange a low cost long distance move.

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