Custom Model M Unique gloss ebony + maple interior. Hamburg

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Custom Model M Unique gloss ebony + maple interior. Hamburg
After many months of trying pianos (Steinway. Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin, Bosendorfer, etc.) all over Los Angeles, I was informed of an extraordinary model for sale on Cannery Row (made famous by John Steinbeck).

At first sight and then first “touch,” I was captivated, and so began 50 years of a relationship that I now feel obliged to terminate because of advancing years.

This one-of-a-kind piano, I was told, was bought in Europe by an army officer for his daughter, who eventually lost interest. Hence the sale, in a cannery-turned-art gallery in Monterey, California.

After being enchanted by the striking appearance of this gloss ebony Model M with its custom maple interior, I was overjoyed by the touch—not too soft, not too hard—and the crisp action. The tone ranged easily from mellow to brilliant, with a treble and bass that suited me perfectly.

I recently invited a local Steinway expert with offices in the Bay Area to examine and play the piano. He observed that it was in excellent condition and gave the soundboard (“the soul of the piano”), the tone, and the touch an unqualified “A” rating.

The piano was made in Hamburg in 1954, during the Golden Era of Steinway & Sons ownership. The original felt-lined protective cover and a lidded bench accompany the instrument.

In addition to its classic style and finish, the piano has ivory keys, the original felts (my touch is fairly light), recently cleaned strings—and a yen to be cherished for its visual and tonal beauty, as it has been this past half-century.

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