Yamaha Acoustic Baby Grand Piano - $9999

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Yamaha Acoustic Baby Grand Piano - $9999
Beautiful Polished Ebony 4'11' Yamaha Acoustic Baby Grand Piano DGB1 w/Disklavier Mark III Series Playback Model w/ matching bench.

I purchased this new from an authorized Yamaha retailer back in '05 or '06 (I cant remember)-- it was professionally delivered, set-up and never, ever moved.

This is your opportunity to get a really nice piano at a fraction of the cost that I paid for it. I was inspired to purchase this player piano after walking through Nordstrom and seeing one play all by itself. I envisioned that my son would pick it up and become a prodigy - which is not going happen. In reality -- it really has just became a decorative piece in my home that was never played. The player portion was used on two occasions - one was a small gathering and the other was during a Christmas morning. You really are getting an 'almost new' piano for a fraction of what I paid.

This instrument has always been maintained in a climate controlled residential environment. No repairs needed -- Again, Its never really been used.

You must pay and arrange for any shipping.

If you have any questions or want to see more pictures of anything specifically, please do not hesitate to ask.

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