Steinway Original Series A Grand Piano for Sale - Mint Condi

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Steinway Original Series A Grand Piano for Sale - Mint Condi

Absolutely beautiful Steinway series A at 6'1' grand piano featuring a complete set of ivory keys in excellent condition to mint condition.

Originally built in 1898 with serial #92511 (Series A) - And over $20,000 invested at M-Stinert & Sons in 2004 to rebuild the piano to mint original condition, with all original Steinway parts and original sound board.

Work completed on the rebuild includes ORIGINAL Steinway sound board restored to mint condition, new steinway pinblock, new steinway hammers and actions parts (All ORIGINAL Steinway Parts!) - case has been refinished to a ahnd rubbed ebony satin finish.

It has a beautiful high polish ebony finish and comes with a matching artist bench.

Appraised at over $50,000 (documentation provided) in its current condition, been with family for multiple generations - this is a rare find in this condition, quality, original parts and documention of history, qaulity and condition.

Located in Hudson Valley of New York State, feel free to contact at 518-669-5404 or email

Contact me and I will send you the link to visit over 30 hi-res pictures and a video of this stunning steinway mint condition grand piano, a collector's dream.


visit the web site today to find out more about this truly unique, one of a kind instrument.

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