Virtually New Baby Grand Piano

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Virtually New Baby Grand Piano
Look no further for a beautiful 2008 George Steck Grand Piano in showroom condition! This piano is perfect for any home. Located in NW suburbs of Chicago, it has a book value of over $7,500, and comes with a transferable 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

Once the pride of American craftsmanship and design from its factory in New York — with showrooms in London and Paris — George Steck & Co. was the recipient of numerous awards and medallions at world fairs and exhibitions. Today’s George Steck grand pianos combine the finest materials available with modern production processes and handcrafted detail to bring exceptional TOUCH, TONE, and BEAUTY within their price class.


George Steck grands perform beyond expectations when compared to other modestly-priced production-made Asian pianos — such as the Chinese-built Essex, sold through Steinway dealers; or Hamilton, built in China and sold through Baldwin dealers.


•Imported Select Solid Spruce Soundboard
•Tone Collection System
•Hard Maple Rims
•T-wired Hammers
•Wide Solid Brass Casters
•Maple and Hornbeam Action Parts
•17-ply Hard Rock Maple Pin Block
•Butcher Block Keybed
•Spruce Key Frame
•True to the Specs Veneers and Solids
•Duplex Scale
•Full Sostenuto Pedal

TEN (10) YEAR WARRANTY, plus Full Lifetime Trade-up Policy of Classic Pianos (full trade allowance on another piano of equal or higher price.)

All of this adds up to a piano with a remarkable feel and sound at an affordable price. You have to see and hear it to believe it!

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