Steinway O completely rebuilt and like new!

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Steinway O completely rebuilt and like new!
This 1905 Steinway O has been rebuilt completely and is like brand new. It is currently very underpriced even for a rebuilt Steinway, and at $23,998 is substantially below the $65,000 price tag for the same piano new. It was completely rebuilt in 2011 and looks and plays like a brand-new Steinway straight from the factory. It includes brand new strings and tuning pins, pinblock, Steinway hammers, ebony satin finish, reguilded plate, damper felts and re-regulated damper action, as well as other parts and accessories. The Ivory keytops were restored to brand new condition and the action has been re-regulated to play like new. The tone is superb and the hammers have been voiced to be able to produce the richest tone possible. In addition, a “Touch Rail” has been installed into the action so each note can be individually adjusted to produce exactly the touch the owner desires.

This piano contains the deep, rich tone of a Steinway grand and the classic feel of a Steinway action.

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