George Steck Baby Grand

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George Steck Baby Grand
George Steck Baby Grand GS-62

Red Mahogany Finish. Great condition. Sounds beautiful.

Purchased in 2008. Size 5'4'

Email for questions or to make an offer.

More details about George Steck Grand Pianos

George Steck & Co. was established in 1857 by George Steck at 650 E. 132nd St., New York. In 1904 they became known as Aeolian Weber and Pianola Co., affiliated with Aeolian American. Later George Steck became part of the Mason & Hamlin Companies.

In April of 1996, after Mason & Hamlin Companies was sold to Kirk and Gary Burgett, the Burgetts sold George Steck's name to America Sejung Corp.


George Steck pianos are no longer made in the United States. However, America Sejung Corp. has incorporated modern Asian manufacturing methods and production management experience -- along with considerable handmade detail -- to provide a respectable grand piano to meet price competition in a growing low-priced American grand piano market.


Once the pride of American craftsmanship and design from its factory in New York -- with showrooms in London and Paris -- George Steck & Co. was the recipient of numerous awards and medallions at world fairs and exhibitions. Today's George Steck grand pianos combine the finest materials available with modern production processes and handcrafted detail to bring exceptional TOUCH, TONE, and BEAUTY within their price class.


Imported Select Solid Spruce Soundboard
Tone Collection System
Hard Maple Rims
T-wired Hammers
Wide Solid Brass Casters
Maple and Hornbeam Action Parts
17-ply Hard Rock Maple Pin Block
Butcher Block Keybed
Spruce Key Frame
True to the Specs Veneers and Solids
Duplex Scale
Full Sostenuto Pedal

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