Beautiful Vintage Mahogany Refurbished Yamaha U1

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Beautiful Vintage Mahogany Refurbished Yamaha U1
Stunning polished mahogany Yamaha U1 with a warm tone and modern gold lettering. Finding a used Yamaha that is not black is very rare, and for a new piano Yamaha charges an extra $1000 for mahogany now. The U1 has always been known as a musicians piano, and it functions well as an institutional piano as well.

This model has the quiet practice pedal, which places a piece of felt between the hammers and the keys, making the piano just barely audible. Originally from Japan and made for the American market (I have proof from Yamaha's serial number look up service), this was bought from a reputable local dealer and has been lightly played, regularly tuned, regulated and voiced, and otherwise well maintained. The wood is in nearly perfect condition and the piano shows almost no signs of wear. It is in nearly perfect condition inside, and was made when Yamaha was at its highest quality.

I have a link to a dealer selling an almost identical piano to mine for $5800. Please take a look at his demonstration and listen to why he thinks the piano is special. He no longer has that piano, nor does he have my piano - the link is just for informational purposes only. Thank you!

The link - please cut and past into your browser window:

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