1927 Baldwin Grand Piano, Model 'C', Ebony Satin Finish, 6'3

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1927 Baldwin Grand Piano, Model 'C', Ebony Satin Finish, 6'3
Gorgeous 1927 Baldwin Grand Piano Model 'C' (6'3'). This beautifully handcrafted instrument is a work of art from the golden era of American piano manufacturing, and is a time honored example of one of Baldwin's top of the line grand pianos. To find an instrument of this age in this condition is rare indeed. There simply aren't many of these left on the market, especially one that has been well maintained and cared for in it's smoke free, climate controlled home for the last 40+ years. It has sat unused for the last several decades as our children grew and eventually moved away. The time has come to pass on this marvelous instrument. The piano has been rebuilt, the interior gutted and the pin block replaced. The regulation has been restored to perfect working order and has been restrung with new strings, the felt replaced, hammers shaved and 'voiced' for optimal sound. After the rebuild, the piano has been tuned several times, every four weeks, as is necessary to bring it up to pitch while it relaxes into it's new strings. The cabinet was strong and in good condition so we had it refurbished, restoring it to it's original beautiful hand-rubbed satin ebony, with gleaming brass hardware. It has a 2 piece boston fallboard, true to the style of the time and the keys are in excellent condition. A very fine instrument with its' whole (new) life ahead of it. There is a matching bench that accompanies the piano, eagerly awaiting it's new maestro.
Baldwin's Model 'C' is very powerful for its size and is known for it's 'huge sound.' This piano has an enchanting tone with a big, beautiful, rich feel; yet it can whisper a love song that will make you cry. It now seeks a new home, and a passionate musician to unleash it's robust, unbridled potential. Ideal for a seasoned professional, or the perfect starter piano for that budding young virtuoso in your life.

HIstory Of The Baldwin Piano & Organ Company

Established in 1862, Baldwin is one of Americas most famous piano manufacturers. Known for their top quality instruments, the company was already world famous by the turn of the 20th century. The Baldwin Grand Piano, which was designed, manufactured and guaranteed by the Baldwin Company in Loveland, Ohio, is exclusively enjoyed by a top tier of artists in all areas of musical expression – ranging from pianists, composers, conductors, singers, and instrumentalists - as well as outstanding symphony orchestras all over the globe. The development of scientific improvements particular to the Baldwin piano based on the law of acoustics, known as the Baldwin acoustic system, permitted the greatest conservation of tone, secured an artistic result of the highest quality, and has resulted in gaining for it a leading position among the world's artistic musical instruments. Without doubt, every Baldwin piano demonstrates the most modern ideas of acoustical science and piano making; its manufacture is precision engineered, which gives each instrument the highest degree of excellence.

Historically, the Baldwin piano has an individuality of the highest character. When exhibited in Paris at the International Exposition in 1900, it was honored with The Grand Prix award which has never been bestowed on any other American piano, and the highest honor ever received by any piano made In America. The Baldwin pianos were made in the most modern and perfectly equipped factories under ideal manufacturing conditions. At the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, St. Louis, Mo., 1904, the Baldwin piano was again awarded the Grand Prize; and still another Grand Prize was awarded to Baldwin pianos and Manualos at the Anglo-American Exposition, London, 1914. The 'New York Tribune,' in commenting on the comprehensive display of the Baldwin Company at Paris, and the success of this piano and this house, said that they made a record that would never he forgot in the history of uprights, grands and reproducing pianos, the grands including the various sizes from concert grands to small grands for parlors. In 1923 the Baldwin piano was awarded the Papal Medal in Rome, and the House of Baldwin appointed 'Purveyors to the Holy See.' It embodies the latest concepts of acoustical science and piano making, combining the highest artistic attainment in piano production with the most gratifying ability of performance. It is no wonder that the Baldwin piano is recognized as a universal favorite between the leading operatic artists and virtuosos of the pianoforte.

Seeing (and hearing) is believing. Come see and play this lovely instrument for yourself. Contact Mary 651-353-3176. Additional photos also available via email. Last tuned October 2013.

Moving/delivery cost is the buyers responsibility.

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