Art Case Steinway A with Beautiful Sound, Smooth Touch; All

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Art Case Steinway A with Beautiful Sound, Smooth Touch; All
We have rebuilt

this 1910 Steinway grand piano model A, breathing life into its beautiful warm tone. Through careful measurements, we strove to duplicate the craftsmanship of its original technicians. New Steinway action parts were installed and regulated to achieve a sensitive, responsive touch. The hammers were voiced to give the piano a well rounded tone. The original board was used a template for the new board which was then cut from Alaska Sitka Spruce. The plate was re-gilded and painstakingly set. A new delingnite pin block was installed true to the original. The back checks and key bushings, both of which are critical aspects of the touch, have been rebuilt

The technicians that we have hired for this project are either currently working for Steinway or have worked for Steinway factory in the past. Seeing or I should have said playing is believing. Come and try out the piano! We welcome any piano technicians as long as they belong to PTG.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (201) 264-2433, Sandy.

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