Steinway & Sons, Model O, Piano Disc, Fully Restored by Stei

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Steinway & Sons, Model O, Piano Disc, Fully Restored by Stei
This piano has been fully restored by the Steinway Factory. Please read below to understand the true depth of their restoration process.
When you restore your Steinway piano using the Steinway Restoration Center, not only are you guaranteed 100% genuine Steinway parts, but you’re guaranteed replacement of key parts — not repair of old parts or polishing of old hardware. For example, a complete new genuine Steinway action is used to replace the old — we never simply repair the existing action. And we replace all of the hardware on the piano with genuine Steinway parts, whereas someone else might polish the existing hardware to look new, when it might be many years old, worn, and in need of replacement. If you restore your Steinway piano somewhere else, at the very minimum you will not be getting a genuine Steinway & Sons diaphragmatic soundboard (the lifeblood of the instrument). Steinway NEVER sells its soundboards — so if you restore your piano somewhere else it may still have the Steinway & Sons trademark logo on it, but if it doesn’t have a genuine Steinway & Sons soundboard, it has lost the internal magic that makes it a Steinway.
All Strings replaced with Steinway Factory Duplicates
New Steinway hammers, voiced
New Steinway repetitions(whippens)
New Buldoc Steinway pin block
Original Steinway ivory keys
Keys Re-bushed with Steinway Cloth
Strings replaced with Steinway strings and bass strings
PianoDisc, PDS 128 system installed with 6 discs
Case was fully restored by Steinway New York with Hand Rubbed Satin lacquer finish
All Decals Replaced with exact replicas
Original Ivory and original ebony key tops
New Steinway wool damper felt
Rebuilt Pedal Liar Trap Work
Hand Polishing of all brass hardware, interior and exterior
Replacement All stringing and decorative Felts with Scarlet Laroue Felt with cedar scent
5 year warranty on entire piano
1 Free in Home tuning

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