1979 Kawai KG-6C 7'4" Semi-Concert Grand Piano

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1979 Kawai KG-6C 7'4
For sale is an incredible 1979 Kawai KG-6C 7'4' (225 cm) semi-concert grand piano.

It has been owned by a professional musician for the last three years, and I selected it based on its sound, touch and looks.

The sound is absolutely giant, with a bass that makes baby grands and uprights sound weak in comparison, and a treble that absolutely sings with sustain.

It is an all-wood action, and I have had it regulated (over 8 hours of work) by an experienced certified piano technician. He set it up to a remarkable standard of touch, and he voiced and sanded all the hammers until the tone reached an even more beautiful level.

Regarding the looks, the satin walnut finish does not look 30 years old! It is gorgeous.

I have enjoyed owning this piano more than anything else I have ever had, and I know the next owner will feel the same way.

The price includes the original matching bench and three new caster cups.

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